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Brand: Passalacqua

Passalacqua napoletana

Napoletana coffee maker

Napoletana coffee maker

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Neapolitan flip coffee pot
The traditional Napoletana coffee maker consists of a bottom section filled with water, a filter section in the middle filled with finely ground coffee, and an upside-down pot placed on the top. When the water boils, the entire three-part coffee maker is flipped over to let the water filter through the coffee. Once the water has dripped through the coffee, the water-boiling and filter sections are removed, and the coffee is served from the remaining pot. If coarse grinds are used, the coffee is brewed quite mildly. Using finely-ground coffee in the "Neapolitan" style, this method produces a coffee that has a stronger flavour than an automatic drip brew maker.
Another method is to use it as a normal filter pot: turn it over from the beginning, fill the filter wilter with boiling water and cover with the "bottom". Wait for a couple of minutes and the coffee is ready.
Stainless steel.

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