How to season and use a carbon-steel pan

How to season and use a carbon-steel pan

Before first use :
Clean the frying pan with very hot water. Then carefully wipe the pan with absorbent paper.

Pour about one millimeter of oil, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, and heat it until smoke appears. Next, throw out excess oil and wipe your pan with kitchen paper. The more the pan is used, the better the performance. The darker it becomes, the better nonstick properties it gets.

Heat a small amount of fat in the frying pan, and once the pan is good and hot, seal the food about 45 seconds on each side before reducing the heat to complete cooking. Do not keep food in the pan for long after cooking.

Cleaning after use:
1) Wash the frying pan with very hot water and a sponge. Wipe dry.
2) Purify the pan from time to time: heat up cooking salt over a fast heat for a minute and wipe with kitchen paper. The salt helps to suppress the residues and the odours from previous cooking.
3) Oil with a paper towel and put away in a dry place.

Do not leave your pan to soak. If food sticks to the pan, use a sponge or steel wool. Never put in a dishwasher. The pan may rust if it is not well oiled and kept in humid conditions. If that happens just scrub the pan with a hard brush or steel wool to remove the rust. The cooking of acid foods, such as tomatoes, wine and lemon, may alter the colour. If this happens you can re-season the pan.

Iron is a very reactive heat conductor material and the induction heating power is exceptional. Therefore, when using the pan on induction hobs, it is important to use a moderate temperature, not the booster, and not to overheat the iron pan when empty.

The Maillard reaction
Once it reaches temperatures above 140°C, the carbon-steel frying pan seals the food on the surface, resulting in the caramelisation of the natural juices or the Maillard reaction. A crust forms, preventing moisture from evaporating. The food becomes brown and crusty on the surface, while tender and soft in the middle. Perfect for frying meat and obtaining crispy crêpes or tasty omelettes.

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