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Brand: De Buyer

Debuyer 2112.02

De Buyer nozzle, star

De Buyer nozzle, star

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Stainless-steel, star icing nozzle, with seams and with a rounded edge. Perfect for filling moulds, vegetables or hollow cakes, garnishing, as well as decorating. Strong and durable, ideal for heavy use. Undeformable and robust, they can withstand high temperatures. Precise and neat finish for fine piping work and a better quality result. Permanent markings for easy identification of the nozzle size. They adapt to all types of pastry piping bags. Dishwasher safe.

The letter (A-F) indicates the size of the nozzle, where A is the smallest, 3 mm, and F the largest, 18 mm. The number indicates the number of teeth, so A5 is a small nozzle with five teeth, F5 the largest, also with 5 teeth.

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