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Brand: De Buyer

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Smoker, hot or cold

Smoker, hot or cold

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Stainless-steel smoker by de Buyer for cold or hot smoking. For use outdoors, sheltered from the wind, or in a well-ventilated place. 2-level, compact and easy to use utensil.
- A smoking chamber with lid in which the food to be smoked is placed.
- 2 stainless steel grids.
- 2 removable feet for raising the smoking chamber.
- A thermometer for monitoring the temperature.
- An oven
- A fire pit
A flexible pipe connects the smoking chamber to the oven. The pipe can be extended in order to adjust the smoking temperature: the closer the smoking chamber is to the oven, the hotter the smoking temperature and vice versa. Comes in a kit with a 500g bag of special smoking beech sawdust and a leaflet with tips and recipe ideas.

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