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Brand: Sage

Sage S-140610S

Sage bar board, 15 x 27cm, slate

Sage bar board, 15 x 27cm, slate

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All Sage products are manufactured in Seattle, WA, by established food industry leader, Read Products. The 1962 introduction of Read Woodfiber Laminate® Cutting Boards, Bakery Table Tops and Stirring Tools changed the commercial food service industry by creating long lasting, durable, hygienic and eco-friendly products for commercial food preparation. Today, Sage offers the exact same product features and benefits to you. Easy to Clean Sage Culinary Surfaces and Sage Cook Tools are dishwasher safe. They will hold up to harsh cleaners including bleach solutions, yet are just as effectively cleaned using a dishcloth or sponge with any mild and earth-friendly cleaning product. Sanitary Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation, Sage cutting boards are non-porous and thus do not harbour bacteria. The surfaces are so dense that knife marks cannot cut deep enough to allow bacteria to penetrate a scratch. Durable Sage Culinary Surfaces last at least twice as long as wood, bamboo, cork or plastic cutting boards. Knife-Friendly The material used to make Sage Surfaces is dense enough to resist deep scratches, yet not so dense as to damage knives. Heat Resistant Sage Culinary Surfaces and Sage Cook Tools will withstand heat up to 350°. The Culinary Surfaces can double as trivets for hot pans, and Sage Cook Tools are safe to use at the stove

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